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Difference In S, SS Non Woven Fabric

S (Spunbond): spunbond nonwoven = single-layer fiber web hot-rolled

SS (Spunbond+Spunbond): spunbond nonwoven + spunbond nonwoven = two layers of fiber web hot-rolled.

Differences in S, SS

SMS: spunbond nonwoven + meltblown nonwoven + spunbond nonwoven = three-layer fiber web hot-rolled.

SMMS: spunbond nonwoven + meltblown nonwoven + meltblown nonwoven + spunbond nonwoven = four layers of fiber web hot-rolled



In general, S and SS can be distinguished by their softness


S nonwovens are mostly used in the packaging field and SS nonwovens are mostly used in sanitary materials, so in the mechanical design,

S machines tend to make the nonwovens stiffer and SS machines tend to make the nonwovens softer.

However, through a special process, S nonwoven fabric feels softer than untreated SS fabric and is suitable for sanitary materials,

while SS can also be treated to become more rigid and suitable for packaging materials.




SS Nonwoven Applications


Due to the special functionality of SS spunbond nonwoven fabric,

It is widely used in many fields such as textile and garment, decorative materials, medical and health materials, etc.

It is suitable for the production of baby diapers, diapers, sanitary napkins, adult diapers,

hospital hygiene products (sanitary pads, masks, protective clothing and other non-woven series)

And other products to improve the quality and stability of the finished products.

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