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One-time forming non-woven bags mostly refer to ultrasonic machine-pressed non-woven bags. We all know a lot about manual sewing non-woven bags. Let’s compare the advantages and disadvantages of these two non-woven bags from several aspects.

01-Non Woven Ultrasonic tote bag
Non-Woven Ultrasonic tote bag
Non Woven Sewing Shopping bag
Non-Woven Sewing Shopping bag
First, Aesthetics

From the aesthetic point of view, both types of non-woven bags are better. There is no saying who is better. As long as the color of our fabric matches the printing color, we can make a relatively beautiful non-woven bag.

Second, Firmness

Ordinary portable non-woven bags are stronger than one-time forming non-woven bags, and portable non-woven bags are artificially sewn with thread;

The one-time forming non-woven bag is directly pressed by a machine, and it is relatively not as strong as sewing with a thread.

Third, Workmanship

Forming a non-woven bag in the workmanship has an advantage. The bag made has no extra thread and there is basically no error. Since the hand-held non-woven bag is made manually, there will be some thread or sewing errors.

Forth,Load capacity

In terms of load-bearing capacity, one-time forming non-woven bags are far smaller than hand-held non-woven bags, one-time forming non-woven bags basically contain some lighter items, such as shoes, clothes, cosmetics, materials, etc. Light items,

The hand-held non-woven bag, the normal size, can bear a weight of 5 kg without special requirements, and after special requirements, it will bear a weight of about 10 kg.

Fifth, Price

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